Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a girl!!

We went for our ultra sound last week and it is officially a little girl. We are so excited!! Little Davy is in denial that we are having a baby. I was holding a friends baby at a party yesterday and Davy said" Put it down" We are in trouble...

Halloween pumpkin fun

We went and found our pumpkins for the year. Davy had a great time picking out his pumpkin. We painted them for family night. It was of course a huge mess!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Duck Hunting

Davy decided that little D was at long last old enough for his first duck hunting trip. Davy went and bought Little D his very own camo coat and hat. Little D was very excited to go and "Shoot baby ducks in thier house" Mom was invited to take pictures. When we got to the "ducks house" we told little D that you have to be very quiet when you re duck hunting. Throughout the whole half hour that we were there, he kept whispering " you have to be quiet" It was very cute. I think that Little D thinks that duck hunting is walking around in the cold and the weeds with dad. We didn't see a single duck. It could have been because we went at like 10:00 am with a toddler...

We then went for the traditional after shooting ducks breakfast. It was really yummy!!